If you are an Online marketer, one question that you have come across is: ?On which types of web sites should advertisements be placed??

There are two basic types of sites that we can start with.

The first is the site with user-generated content (UGC) as its focus. The second is a traditional web site with editorially-generated content.

Should you advertise your products and services on a web site with UGC or a web site without UGC?

A recent study by ad network BlueLithium showed that conversion (getting an individual to register for a program, buy a product, etc.) rates per advertisement on UGC sites are generally lower, compared to sites with traditional, editorially driven content.

The study found that the non-UGC sites had a greater overall conversion rate per advertisement. Advertisements on non-UGC sites are getting more bang for the buck.

However, the costs to advertise on UGC sites are likely to be much lower, which makes the conversion process cheaper.

What does this tell us? On a per advertisement basis, conversions may be higher for non-UGC sites. But when comparing the power of the dollar for each situation, the conversion rates may be higher for UGC sites.

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