It seems as though new information is released every day about social networking and development platform Facebook. I suppose it?s the status quo of online social interaction.

I came upon a web site that allows users to buy and sell Facebook applications.

Keep in mind, though,?that the status of the web site is still in BETA.

If you need a widget built, enter your project details and receive bids from developers.

The marketplace idea is not new by any means, but the purpose of it is.

Okay, so you could go to any developer to have a Facebook application developed. But why would you go to APPMRKT?

Stats and measurement. In order to evalute the success and evolution of an application, you must be able to?analyze its statisics.

A quick look at APPMRKT allowed me to realize that a graphing function is built right into their interface, which allows for the tracking of an?application after it is developed. Track total users and daily active users. Bango!

Facebook development is a niche market, and attempts to capitalize on it will continue to pop up as long as it is making an impact.

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